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Commentary by Phil Cirocco

Photos courtesy of Clark Ferguson

"The ARP Synthesizer by Tonus" - This is a photo of the first ARP synthesizer. It is the prototype for the 2002. There are several noticeable differences from the production 2002's. This actual cabinet, with different modules in it, now resides at the New England Synthesizer Museum. Notice the panels bolted to the VCO modules. Also the 1003 E.G. has lin/exp function switches.
This is a promo photo from ARP showing the incredibly long and beautiful 2003. Notice the extremely rare 1035 triple modulator in slot #11. There are no 1035's known to be in existence, so if anyone out there has any data to the contrary, please contact me.

The early Tonus factory test lab featuring a production 2002. Notice the strange sequencer knobs and primitive power control module. Also, check out the cool custom matrix switches for the rack equipment. At the bottom left is a Fairchild Reverbatron triple tank reverb (discrete).

Pictured in this anonymous photo is another 2003 and 2 more 2010 wing cabinets, very rare. Note: the interesting looking white unit on the top shelf with the long sliders is an Albiss 1/3 octave filter and it's expander module. (tks - Wieland Samolak)
  Here is one of the first promo photos for the production 2002's. Estimated numbers for these early production models are very low: 20 - 2002's and 10 - 2003's. In 1971 Tonus changed their name to ARP and replaced the 2002/2003 all wood cabinet with the 2515 all metal cabinet with bolt-on wooden end panels.
A photo showing the first version of the ARP wing cabinet - The 2010
The 2600 production line - Kathy installs a wiring harness
Bill Bores checking out an early Odyssey circuit board on ARP's custom "2800 board C" tester.
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