Repair service - rates and information
  Instruments we are accepting for repair and restoration:

ARP 2500 / 2000 Modular System and 1000 series modules

ARP 2600

ARP 2700 Soloist

ARP 2800 - 2823 Odyssey *

ARP 2200 Avatar *

ARP Solus

ARP Sequencer *

Moog Minimoog

Moog Modular System and 900 series modules

Bode rack mount effects and frequency shifters

EMS Synthi AKS - Synthesizer section only, we no longer service the KS keyboard.

* Due to slider reliability problems in these models, we are only accepting these models for slider replacement at this time.



55.00 per synth.

No Charge for ARP 2600, 2800 -2823 estimates.

Modular systems - 100.00 - 300.00

Estimates are reviewed and approved by the customer before any work is performed.


General Rates:


Standard ARP / MOOG instrument repairs are priced by job. There are no labor charges.

Hourly repair rates for all other instruments: 75.00 per hour.



At this time we only accept personal check and US postal money order.

Add 7% sales tax for GA residents only.




All parts and labor are covered for a period of one year from the delivery date of your instrument. This warranty does not cover damages or injury resulting from severe misuse of the instrument.




We are now located in Savannah, GA USA

You must provide CMS a UPS account number for return shipping and insurance. Fedex is no longer recommended. There may be a charge for packing materials if your materials are inadequate for proper return shipping.

Anvil and Calzone cases are not recommended for shipping unless placed in a cardboard box.

Pickup and drop-off services are available for educational institutions located in the Southeastern United States at a special rate.



Please feel free to call or e-mail us for additional rates and information:

e-mail -

phone: 912-727-2195