Industrial Grade Enclosures

19" Rack Enclosures ----

The MR series synthesizers utilize two different sizes of professional 19" rack mount cabinets. The 1906 is a 6 module cabinet that takes up 6 rack spaces and the 1912 is a 12 module cabinet that is 12 rack spaces high. They can be combined in unlimited amounts to form any size rack mount modular system imaginable.

Lightweight and sturdy, manufactured to exacting standards. These beautiful yet durable rack cabinets feature a brushed aluminum finish with a clear acrylic coating to prevent oxidation. The 9000 modules are secured using a precision machined nut bar embedded in the top and bottom mounting rail of every cabinet. The heavy duty, custom extruded mounting rail also features an alignment guide on the outer edge for proper alignment of modules. Our industrial grade enclosures use heavy gauge aluminum panels and vent grills on top and bottom. The 1900 series cabinets are designed to be mounted in any standard 19" rack. They can also be used as standalone cabinets.

Model 1906
Model 1912
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