THE CMS 2607






CMS is proud to unveil for the first time, our new synthesizer the CMS 2607. We took all the features of the original ARP 2600, some circuitry from the 2500, combined them with our world famous upgrades, added more cool stuff and then squeezed it all into a 6 space rack mount heavy duty enclosure. This particular incarnation is the "2500 version" that features a beautiful heavy duty brushed aluminum front panel. We are also currently making standard versions using gray and blue paint similar to the original ARP 2600 factory color schemes.

We are currently making the prototype version for some select customers.



Additional features of the CMS 2607:

6 spaces high, yes! 10.5 inches.

Heavy duty .100 thick precision machined front panel.

Sturdy, custom designed rear enclosure.

Octave switches.

Sync switch that syncs VCO-1 to VCO-3.

VCO3 has all 4 waveforms!!!

Uses the discrete wave-shapers from the 2500 - they sound much better and produce better shaped waveforms.

Both VCO-2 and VCO-3 actually produce a sine wave, not a rounded triangle like on the 2600.

PWM on all 3 VCOs.

The famous CMS 4012 CX filter comes standard issue. Better sounding but true to the original design of the early 2600 filter.

The filter has 2 modes: CMS and ARP. The ARP mode maintains the original factory 4012 circuit. The CMS mode features the CMS 9004 dual mode filter.

The VCF has an additional High pass / Pseudo-notch out depending on the mode switch setting.

Improved AR generator circuit.

3 position time range selectors on both envelope generators.

CMS 4019CX high slew rate VCA is standard equipment.

Voltage processor 2 becomes the Post Filter Distortion circuit from the ARP Centaur when the PFD switch is engaged.

Schmitt trigger or trigger detector for externally triggering Envelopes, SH, Etc. Doubles as a distortion device.\

Separate Ring Modulator AC / DC switches facilitate a 2nd VCA.

A dedicated LFO.

S/H clock has sine out for additional LFO modulation.

Tripped out Electronic Switch has way too many uses to list here.

17 inch, 3 spring, rear mounted reverb tank w overdrive circuit.

2 pedal circuits with front panel output jacks.

Rear CV buss and Gate buss inputs.

Convenient front panel CV and Gate output jacks.

Rear mounted "slider LED disable" switch - disables the slider LEDs only.

2 1/4 inch line level outputs for stereo effects.

High quality Alps controls.

American made enclosure and printed circuit boards.

Notable similarities:

High quality Switchcraft jacks.

All critical audio processing is performed by discrete, hand selected, low noise, matched transistors.




UPDATED 9/28/2017


We are currently offering:

Prototypes hand built by the designer in the "ARP 2500 style" - silver w black graphics as pictured in the photos.


The price for one of the hand-made limited edition 2607s is $8,899.00 USD plus a packing materials charge of $30.00. Georgia residents must add 7% sales tax.

Shipping and insurance:

You must either supply a UPS or Fedex account number for shipping and insurance or prepay the shipping and declared value charges. Overseas customers are responsible for all taxes and duties.


Delivery guaranteed to be no longer than 6 months from the date of deposit. There is a limit on how many of these special order units that will be available for 2017 so contact us now if you are seriously interested.


We are gearing up to make a second run of handmade 2607s. If you are interested in ordering one of these special issue, limited edition 2607s, send a paypal deposit of $3000.00 USD to to register your order. You can also send a check to CMS/Discrete Synthesizers. Email us at for the mailing address and more info. We will send you a PDF invoice reflecting your deposit.

Factory Version

The factory version has been delayed. We sincerely appreciate your patience in this matter. We also have to be honest with our customers. You may want to consider ordering the hand made version if you want a 2607 sometime soon.

Our ultimate goal is to produce an affordable factory made version of the CMS 2607. CMS is an expert service and restoration center for vintage ARP instruments. Transitioning to mass production of a complex musical instrument requires considerable re-tooling and expense.


Here is a photo of six 2607s in action in the CMS lab during a live demo recording. There are 6 2607's being controlled by 2 Roland MPU-101 four channel MIDI to CV converters.

Click here for the demo video.


Hans Zimmer  
  Here are 2 photos of Hans Zimmer's 2607 just before we packed it up and sent it to the Maestro's Synthesizer Mecca in LA. Hans's latest claim to fame is the amazing soundtrack to "Dunkirk".  
    Pete Townshend    
  Pete Townshend of "The Who" ordered the 230V version of the 2607. Here is a photo of it just before we packed it up for overseas shipping.  
  John McEntire  
  John McEntire is an American recording engineer, drummer and multi-instrumentalist based in Chicago. He is best known for being in the bands Tortoise and The Sea and Cake, as well as being a producer and engineer. McEntire has also played in Seam, The Stokastikats, Stereolab, and The Oily Bloodmen.  
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