THE CMS 2607


CMS is proud to unveil for the first time, our new synthesizer the CMS 2607. We took all the features of the original ARP 2600, combined them with our world famous upgrades, added more cool stuff and then squeezed it all into a 6 space rack mount heavy duty enclosure. This particular incarnation is the "2500 version" that features a beautiful heavy duty brushed aluminum front panel. We are also currently making standard versions using grey and blue paint similar to the original ARP 2600 factory color schemes.

We are currently making the prototype version for some select customers.

We are also currently working out the manufacturing process with Allen Organ Co to make the 2607 in 2017. Check back with this page for updates to this project.


"It has many added features the original 2600 does not have that I usually offer for mods, and then some"

Additional features of the CMS 2607:

6 spaces high, yes! 10.5 inches. Thick .100 precision machined front panel.

The famous CMS 4012 CX filter comes standard issue. Better sounding but true to the original design of the early 2600 filter.

The filter has 2 modes: CMS and ARP. The ARP mode maintains the original factory 4012 circuit. The CMS mode features the CMS 9004 dual mode filter.

The VCF has an additional Highpass / Pseudo-notch out depending on the mode switch setting.

Voltage processor 2 becomes the Post Filter Distortion circuit from the ARP Centaur when the PFD switch is engaged.

Schmitt trigger or trigger detector for externally triggering Envelopes, SH, Etc. Doubles as a distortion device.

A dedicated LFO

S/H clock has sine out for additional LFO modulation.

Tripped out E switch

Octave switches

Sync switch that syncs VCO-1 to VCO-3

VCO3 has all 4 waveforms!!!

Uses the discrete wave-shapers from the 2500 - they sound much better and produce better shaped waveforms.

Both VCO-2 and VCO-3 actually produce a sine wave, not a rounded triangle like on the 2600.

PWM on all 3 VCOs.

More stuff I am forgetting.


Optional Items:

3 older type VCOs installed and calibrated.


We are currently making 3 color versions for prototypes:

"2500 style" - silver w black graphics as pictured in the photo.

"Blue Meanie" - Blue with white graphics. (Limited edition)

"Grey Meanie" - Grey w white graphics.

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